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  There are five members in the team at the moment:
  • Shooter__Andy — that's me. I'm the responsible for the mod's idea, I've coded for it and maked all the models (now they are being remaked). Besides, I hope that mod will have one or two my maps.
  • Biomech — our mapper. And his claws model was used as the origin to all other weapons models. Author of Dark Territory and Dark Territory II.
  • Scrama — mapper and coder. But, his knowledges in coding weren't used in map development.
  • Gennadich — mapper.
  • Xopyc — modeller.
    If you want to join the team and actually can do something, that we could need (and do that well), email me on shooter |strangesymbol|, ICQ on 248139670 or PM me, or on mod's forums(but they're in russian).

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