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I'm glad to introduce you our new book —"Zombie Edition for Dummies"!

    Attention, recent changes will be marked with a red asterisk like this one - (*)

  Table of contents :

    • Chapter 1, or something about headcrabs
    • Chapter 2, or why zombies are better than humans?
    • Chapter 3, or why zombies aren't perfect?
    • Chapter 4, or how to get better?
    • Chapter 5, or how is it to be a zombie ?

  Chapter 1, or something about headcrabs
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  So, headcrabs. Why them? Because if you decided to walk a zombie's way, you'll start as a headcrab. What is headcrab? It is small (average watermelon sized, but with legs) creature, that you can see on the logo above. If you're still not sure what is headcrab like, look pic. 1.
  Headcrabs aren't very dangerous by themselves — their fangs and claws not much bigger than cat's ones. Dangerous thing in them is their passion of parasyting on human beings. When saw a human, headcrab jumps trying to aim to the human's head. If jump was succesful, headcrab's mouth-like special organ will fully cover prey's head and for the human that means no senses. Besides, headcrab will take control of victim's body. Nobody actually know, how it works, but the fact is that after some time (from few seconds to a minute depending of personal characteristics of headcrab and human being) human will totally lose control of his body. Since that, the mutations will start in host organism. Usually it consists of fingers extension, chest-to-mouth changes and skin hardening with it's color changing to dirty reddish. After this mutations ends, human being turns into zombie, but we'll talk about it in the next chapter.
  So, what to do, if you're a headcrab? Firstly, don't forget that you're one big vulnerable spot and if you'll be opinionated, you'll be dead, because human beings are very agressive regarding to headcrabs. How not to get yourself killed? The pic. 2 has the answer:


  First advice — hide in shadows(Pic. 2a). You'll be unseen here. Advice number two — try to jump on the human being's head, while he doesn't see you(ic. 2b). Remember, that though your steps are nearly silent, the noise you create when you jump could completely give you away, and while you're busy with mutating host body, you're absolutely vulnerable, you even cant' jump off it.
  In game: to perform an attack-jump, press primary attack button (left mouse button by defaults) and if you want just to jump, press jump button (space key by defaults) as always. Headcrabs jumps longer and faster than humans, so it's harder to control your direction.

  Chapter 2, or why are zombies better than humans?
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  Perhaps, you can't decide to be or no to be a zombie. So let me just explain you some basic advantanges of being a zombie:
  • Zombies are stronger than average human being. Try to break wooden crate, window or vent grate with your bare hands! Oh no, wait, don't do it. It's dangerous. But, if you are zombie — you can make it easily and without hurting yourself.
  • Zombies are more enduring than humans. Host body can't feel pain, so zombie could take about ten bullets and stay alive. Besides, zombies could be in water twice as long as human and you have natural resistance for most type of hazardous environment.
  • Zombies could mutate in other, more suitable for the environment, forms. For example, they could grow a cocoon with a babycrab nest in it, or remove all body fat to run faster. More informayion about it will be provided in chapter 4.
  • Zombies could use special headcrab organs to see any living creature pheromones. It is usable, when you want to find somebody in absolutely dark room. Headcrab's brain feels pheromones so good that it could even part one creature pheromones from another. You will be able to see blood moving in human being's veins by using this. (*) In game: press the flashlight key (F by defaults) to turn supervision on/off.
  • Headcrabs are hostile to the humans, but not for the zombies. In fact, zombies can even take few headcrabs to turn more people into other zombies. In game: when aiming to the headcrab, press use key (E by defaults) to take it. Then you can press fifth weapon group select key (5 by defaults), accept it with primary attack button (left mouse button by defaults) and throw headcrabs with primary attack key in any moment.
  • Headcrab always can jump off his host body to find a new victim. (In game: press reload key, R by defaults, to jump off)

  Chapter 3, or why zombies aren't perfect?
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  Sadly, as any real object, zombies aren't perfect. Of course they can mutate to remove their weaknesses or to make them their strong places, but newborn zombie has few serious weaknesses, and I, as a honest author, want to list them:
  • Zombies has some problems with communication. Typical zombie can't make orders to other zombies so they would follow him or do something else. One thing he can do — push them forward a bit.
  • Normal zombie has central neurosystem malfunctions and limbs issues, so he can't run, only walk. It can be a problem if you move through big open place with armed human beings, but usually it's not, because to catch your victim you don't need to move fast, you can ambush it.
  • As a zombie, you can't use nothing more complex than lift call button. Of course, you don't need to, you're zombie, not a computer genius, but door with even a simple lock you can't break down will be serious obstacle for you.
  • Sadly, you, as any living creature, must feed. In your case ignoring that natural need will cause rotting of host body and then you'll have to leave it and find another. Only organics you gain from eating can reverse that process. Besides, you gain material for possible mutations when eat. (In game: aim to the human being dead body, then press and hold use key, E by defaults, until the body won't be fully consumed)

  Chapter 4, or how to get better?
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  As I already mentioned above, material, needed for mutations is gained when you eat (In game: total number of "mutation points" printed in bottom left corner of your screen near headcrab and host health indicators and uses this sign). You can use this material for any avaible mutation you want (In game: press show score key, Tab by defaults, to enter mutations menu. Here you can choose one or more from listed mutations. Short description and cost of mutation will display if you move your mouse over the button.To mutate, just press the chosen button with your mouse and if you have enough "mutation points", you'll get it, and it's cost will be removed from your "mutation points"). Mutations and material for it saves in headcrab's genetical memory and when you lose your host for some reason, you won't need to gain it again. Bad thing is that you can't cancel them as well. Mutation tree printed below(*):
Table 2. >> means that right mutation needs left one, and <> means that it's not.(*)

  Powerful, strong, dangerous. When you choose Crasher as your initial mutation, remember, that with his doubled damage, ability to destroy invulnerable for other classes objects and additional 10 headcrab's health points, you'll receive slower speed and lose an ability to crouch.
  Health Upgrade
  That's obvious — your maximum headcrab's health will increase. By 5 points.
    Unlocks regeneration ]
  Received host's health Upgrade
  That mutation was named ArmorUp at those times, when zombies had armor, not host' health. Now that mutation increases an amount of received with eating host's health points by one for every two points you receive. If simplier, it's multiply received host's health by 1,5.
    Unlocks 30% damage from bullets ]
  Acid throw
  After performing that mutation you'll be able to throw your digestive juices in your enemies. That won't do much damage, but because of Crasher's speed could be useful to hit running enemy. Besides, they have a chance to short-circuit automatic sentry guns on hit causes it to break down instantly or even to change it's enemies list, removing you and other aliens from it and, of course, adding human beings in. (In game: press and hold alternative attack button, right mouse button by defaults, when you use your claws weapon to control the speed of throwing(*))
   Returns lost headcrab's health point every ten seconds.
    Needs health upgrade ]
  ••30% damage from bullets
   Again — that's obvious. Your host body will receive only 30% damage from being hit by a bullet.
    Needs received host's health upgrade ]
  So-called "shield" is just crasher's hands putted up to cover the headcrab. When using this, you would barely see anything and could do no harm to others, but your headcrab is fully protected. (In game: press special ability key, Z by defaults, to activate or deactivate Shield. If nothing happens, check your Controls properties)

  Fast, stealth, deadly. The only problem is lose of such important five headcrab's health points. But you'll receive superior run speed for it.
  Improves your jump making it longer by length and faster by speed. (In game: press duck, forward and jump keys, Control, W and Space by defaults, just as if you jump eith longjump module in original Half-Life).
  Silent Steps
  Your steps won't make a sound. You can run behind your enemies's baks as long as you want, but not jump or hit something.
    Unlocks stealth ]
  Armor piercing
  After performing that mutation your strikes will ignore vests and helmets of Barney's and HECU's so you will do full damage to them wherever you hit them.
    Unlocks critical strike  ]
  When you activating Frenzy, you'll strike twice as fast, but you'll have to pay for it by faster metabolism, pulling your host's body juice out. (In game: press special ability key, Z by defaults, to activate or deactivate Frenzy. If nothing happens, check your Controls properties. When Frenzy is on, your host's health will decrease by one point every second). Besides, there will be blood-red shroud on your eyes.
  You'll be able to hide in shadows just like a headcrab.
    Needs silent steps  ]
  ••Critical strike
  Gives you an ability to kill in one single strike, but to do it, you must hit unawared enemy. That means you must hit enemy that din't see you yet or to strike from the darkness.
    Needs armor piercing  ]

  The most unusual class. He has no advantages in strength, speed or health, but it has none of other class problems. His strength is in his next mutations.
  Ammo Upgrade
  Breeder with this mutation has toally different anatomy of his mouth, that allows him to store living species in it without hurting them. You can get five more barnacles and four(*) more headcrabs (normal zombie can hold only one headcrab(*)) if you has this upgrade.
    Unlocks babycrabs ]
  Allows you to take barnacles's babysacks, felling from them after their death. That sack can be thrown in your enemy, dealing him more damage, that Crasher's acid, or at the ceiling. If so, new barnacle will grow in spot you hit by the sack. In game: choose third weapon category (3 key by defaults), then approve it by pressing primary attack key (left mouse button by defaults). After that you can throw babysack by clicking primary attack button.
  When mutated, you could order zombies to follow you or to stop. (In game: press use button (E by defaults) when aimed on any zombie, to make him follow you or stop).
    Unlocks attack ]
  There will be a cocoon with headcrab hatchlings in it on your back. It will be connected with your right hand by a hose-like breed canal. Babycrabs could get out of it, if you allow them. In game: choose fourth weapon category (4 key by defaults), then approve it by pressing primary attack key (left mouse button by defaults). After that you can release babycrabs by clicking primary attack button.
    Needs ammo upgrade  ]
  ••Mass Ressurection (*)
  Actually, almost every critical injured zombie could be brought back to life. And that's exactly what this ability does. (In game: press special ability 2 key, X by defaults, to use that ability. If nothing happens, check your Controls properties)
  Improves your communicative abilities co you can make zombies move in the place you want by pointing them to it, while you don't need to go there yourself. In game: press special ability key, Z by defaults, to order zombies go to the point you aimed to. If nothing happens, check your Controls properties. It's better to aim on the exact point in the floor, but just giving a direction is OK too.
    Needs follow ]

  Chapter 5, or how it is to be a zombie?
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  Now, when we knows about possible mutations, let's look at the normal zombie life. What he has to do, what he hasn't, how to avoid contacts with human beings etc.
  So, this is an advice list to amateur zombie:
  • When you meet human, think twice - kill him or gift him with one of your headcrabs, making him your ally. Remember, that zombies can't get through some places, so they will be useless inside a room they can't leave.
  • Collect headcrabs while you can, they can be useful for you in the future. Even if they won't zombify anybody, they can distract enemy from you, saving your life.
  • Try to avoid packs of human beings, especially if they armed. You can use other ways or maybe sneak in the shadows as a headcrab.
  • Don't forget that when you're a zombie, you can do more things, than when you're a headcrab. Headcrabs cant' push buttons, open rotating doors and break objects stronger, than their one hit damage. Besides, headcrabs are very vulnerable, so I strongly recommend you to save when you decided to jump off.
  • Try no to be sighted by a HECU's soldiers - they could be very dangerous for you. If one or more of them hadn't seen you yet and you're not sure about your powers, better duck behind them or sneak as a headcrab.
  • Don't forget about automatic security system still working in the lab. Be cautious.

  That's all, I hope you find this useful for surviving in agressive environment.

© 2008 Shooter__Andy
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